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A state of appreciation is being who you really are.

... begin making lists of things that you feel good about and fill your notebooks full of them. Make lists of positive aspects. Make lists of things you love. Go to the restaurant and look for your favorite things and never complain about anything.

Look for the thing that you like the best even if there was only one thing in all of it that you like. Give it your undivided attention, and use it as your excuse to be who you are.

Use those things that shine bright and make you feel good as your excuse to give your attention, and as your excuse to be who you are.

You’ll tune to who you are and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes. 

It's not your job to transform it for others, but it is your job to transform it for you

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Blog Posts

To Be Happy
It all starts with a decisionNot based on what’s on the outsideNot when everything outside is lining upBut from withinNo matter what the outside looks likeI have decided to be happyI have decided that that’s what I’m gonna beI don’t know how to get t...
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There is not a problem in God’s world
God in his all-encompassing love and is-ness and totality, does not see anything that is wrong with the world. Knowing and looking upon war, God doesn’t see that as a problem. Looking upon love, God celebrates and enjoys the feeling of lov...
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Everywhere, everytime
God is everywhereGod is in everythingThe separation is our own doing, by believing that we are separate from God.The fact is, there is no time that I’m not with God.There is no place where God isn’t present and isn’t with me.For I am made of God part...
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Infuriating puzzle pieces. Thank you.
The goal of life on earth is spiritual enlightenment. It has to be, because we had put ourselves in this world, we had planned our doings and scenarios in this world, from the perfect state that we are, from the full glory that we are. And in th...
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God is everywhere, God is everything
God is everywhereGod is everythingIn the vileness of the world, God is thereGod is in the flower and the beautyGod is in the conflict,God is in the warIn everything that is, God is thereconsciousness, being, is-nessBeing all, embracing all, experienc...
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Knowing - beyond doubt
The most beautiful thing to experience is to desire something, to ask for it, and know that it will be given to you. This knowingness, this faith, this belief, this certainty, is probably one of the highest vibrations out there. It's the knowing beyo...
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It's the journey - yes, it's a cliche, but it's true
You are a spiritual being.A spiritual being who has planned this earth life.Everything that you came across, was already planned, by you, and your guides.You planned challenging situations, hardships, traumas, as well as happiness, revelations and le...
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100 Appreciations Under 10 Minutes
Thank you for the computerThank you for the bedThe blanketFor the shopsFor the air I breatheFor comfy home For beautiful musicFor mosquito netI like the music I listen toIt's good to have source flowing through meI like our bathroomThe new toile...
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Now what? ~ Trusting the universe when things don’t happen as planned
I was looking forward to the hotel stay that we’ve booked, when it was cancelled from their side. I had high hopes for this hotel location, and on paper it seemed to be perfect for our family’s needs. I was disappointed and sad. Fortunately I remembe...
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"You know that in anything, you can find something to compliment. In anything, you can find something to praise. In anything you can find a match to your Core Energy. It just takes a little bit of practice." ~ AbrahamGratitude journaling is just a ma...
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The Power Of Choosing!
More than before, now I've realized that I absolutely choose the direction of my feelings, and therefore the way I experience my life. The whole world may seem out of alignment, but it is always up to me how I respond and react to it, and what t...
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What a lovely vacation! Thank you universe 🙏
Hello everyone! I'm back from a long vacation/break, which was totally lovely and what I needed.Now I'm brimming with new ideas for meditation and relaxation videos, one of them will be based on Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditation and his us...
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Behind every desire is the desire to feel good
The basis of life is freedom, and the result of life is expansion - but the purpose of your life is joy. And that is why the main event has never been the manifestations. It has always been the way you feel in the moment. Ask and It Is Given, pg 103T...
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The Art of Gratefulness series
Next week starting Monday, I'm posting a series of video shorts, breaking down the why, what and how of gratitude journaling. Stay tuned for the 6 parts series!
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