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Download free resources for

your appreciation and gratitude journaling routine ⋆

Download free resources for your appreciation and gratitude journaling routine ⋆

Appreciation Journal - 90 Days of Gratitude Journaling, FREE Journaling Music + Bonuses Included

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I started gratitude journaling when I felt miserable almost all the time. It was all dark and despair, and I was desperate for some light and cheerfulness in my life, to get away from the hopelessness that I was constantly feeling. 

I then started writing gratitudes and appreciations for things that I could see, because those were the easiest I could do. Forget about visualization or envisioning a better future - that was too much for me and too difficult for me to do. My mind was in such a place that everything was grey and depressing and I didn't have the strength to do even that. 

But the tangibles were something I could not deny. The sun, the birds, the home, the food, the air that I breathe. For a few minutes while I'm journaling, I had my refuge in things that felt wonderful for me. Gradually, feelings of appreciation, positive outlook, and joy came back to me in small doses. 

Slowly, by using these simple practices that anyone could do, I was elevated from misery to hope, to belief, to knowing, and to joy. Now, whenever I find myself back in my dark place, I know how to climb out of it. After a year of journaling gratitudes daily, and often multiple times a day, now I have an actual practical knowledge of how to do it- because it was ingrained in me. This continuous daily practice for appreciation journaling pulled me out of my perception of misery, and truly changed my life. 

When I look back to those days when I started, I'm so grateful to see that I have made the full journey from the very bottom: depression, all the way to the top: joy. These days I wake up in the morning feeling truly blessed and happy to be alive. Desires to live, to do things, to try new projects, to learn, came back in full force that I have such an appreciation for life. And I know without a doubt, I would not be here if not for the guidance from God/Source/Universe to start journaling appreciations, to use whatever was left in me to forcefully shift my attentions to the good, instead of continuing to see the bad. 

Now, looking for gratitudes and the positive things in life has become embedded in me. I am empowered to know that I did it all by myself! (+ God/Source/Universe's guidance). I can change my life, I can create my life how I wish to be. And this all started, from a very simple practice. Baby steps everyday. Tortoise, and not the hare. 

I wish you a blessed and amazing journey ahead! From wherever you are, to Joy!


Get set, and go! Print once and you're ready to journal for 90 days straight ~

Jump start your appreciation and gratitude practice with this easy to use appreciation journal.

Can't seem to find anything to appreciate or be grateful for? Not anymore!

With this easy to use journaling prompts, you'll be reminded of the abundance of blessings that actually exist in you life. The Three Timelines format: the past, the now, and the future that's used in this journal makes if easy for you to recall and take notice of all the blessings and positive things in your life. You'll be amazed at how easy it'll be to be grateful, and how appreciations will just flow out of you naturally and effortlessly.

What's in this journal:

  • The Art of Gratitude Journaling text as easy reference
  • 90 days of journaling pages in the easy to use Three Timelines format
  • Each day illustrated with different florals and botanicals illustrations
  • Extra illustrated notes pages at the back to jot down your any extra observations you may have
  • Bonuses:
  • Three (3) original soothing music mp3s that are designed to inspire appreciation and gratitude
  • Streams of Wants and Desire Worksheet
  • 100 Appreciations - Count Your Blessing Before Breakfast Worksheet

How to use this journal?

Each day you can start your morning by focusing your attentions on 15 happy, joyful, lovely and dreamy things that raise your vibrations:

five things of the past (can be last night, can be last week, can be last month, etc)

five things of the now (the present, what's happening currently?), and

five things of the future (things or events that you're looking forward to).

Layout of the journal

This complete 90 day journal workbook is divided into three sections, each section covering a 30 days period. Beautifully illustrated with different flowers and botanicals each day, you'd easily complete your personal challenge of 30, 60 or 90 days consecutive gratitude journaling.

Don't forget to put on grateful music (included in this package) before you start your list of appreciations. For more details on how to write, watch this video:

Happy journaling!

You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (12MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • PDF (63MB)
  • PDF (41KB)
  • PDF (40KB)
  • JPEG (374KB)

What people are saying

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Wow, this is the most useful Youtube channel ever. Thank you so much for creating this. I wish God blesses you with everything that is pure, happy and everlasting blissfulness.

— Dr. Sethu

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So powerful!

— Phoebe Cole

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Absolutely beautiful! Love the process and how it looked like in the end ! Thanks for the share. Keep it up! Hope to see yah on my side too!

— Shelly

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Thanks for your words. Really helpful to start the day.

They Helped me to see clear again. Hope you reach many people with it.

— Leo Gantzhorn

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Thank you so much you are great. Please make more videos your videos help me so!

— Mohd Taimur

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This is beautiful, incredible. Thank you so much!

— Rachel