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Believing in Impossible Things - 7 Days practice

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Have you done any pure unadulterated dreaming lately? Have you gone to this magical place when it feels just so good and so right and so natural to be yourself? Have you forgotten how to? Will you allow yourself to start practicing this again? This thing that was once so easy and so effortless to you? This skill that we were so blessedly born with but have long since discarded?

When we are up in the clouds in our day-dreaming, when we are lost deep in our thoughts and our minds, when we are imagining and fantasizing - just for the sake of it, just for the pleasure of it,- we are in place of a very high vibration. When we do anything just for the pleasure of it, with no contradicting thoughts and vibration, we’ve entered a place where we are truly being our pure real selves. A place where anything is possible, where there are no limits because, in this place, we are God.

Being human, we don’t go to this place very often. Especially when we reach adulthood and responsibilities descend on us. It’s no longer acceptable to daydream. It’s something that adulthood has completely erased and somehow put in the category of foolishness and being irresponsible.

But that doesn’t erase the fact that this magical place is always within reach. This place of communing with our highest inner self is always here. It’s only a second away, always available, always open 24/7. We only need to close our eyes and go within. This place, this ‘room’ that is filled with our pure essence of magnificence, is always here for our use whenever we want.

This place that we’ve entered, and this state of being that we are in when we daydream, is one the most sacred places there is, one of the most sacred vibrations there is, because here is the Point of Creation. From here, all things are created. From here, everything begins. Our thoughts create. We are limited only to our imagination, and the vibration we offer towards that imagination, the very thing we had just created. Have we been dirtying our own creation with immediate thought offerings of “I can’t” or “but that’s too impossible” or other contradicting thoughts?

That’s what these 7 days are all about. To practice returning to this state of being, of returning again and again, every day, to this ‘room’ of limitless possibilities, and just have fun with our creations. To enjoy the feelings of goodness and rightness that permeate our whole being when we are engaging in this unlimited thinking. To feel how vibrant and alive and blessed we feel. Just as we rightly should, because when we merge with our Highest Self, nothing is off limits, nothing is impossible, because at that time we are one with the Creator himself.

Thank you for doing this practice. Not only you are raising the vibration and consciousness for yourself, you are doing it for the whole universe.

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What people are saying

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Wow, this is the most useful Youtube channel ever. Thank you so much for creating this. I wish God blesses you with everything that is pure, happy and everlasting blissfulness.

— Dr. Sethu

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So powerful!

— Phoebe Cole

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Absolutely beautiful! Love the process and how it looked like in the end ! Thanks for the share. Keep it up! Hope to see yah on my side too!

— Shelly

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Thanks for your words. Really helpful to start the day.

They Helped me to see clear again. Hope you reach many people with it.

— Leo Gantzhorn

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Thank you so much you are great. Please make more videos your videos help me so!

— Mohd Taimur

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This is beautiful, incredible. Thank you so much!

— Rachel