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Deep Sleep Hypnosis: The Ultimate Relaxation for Sleep

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Fall asleep fast with this guided sleep meditation. It's a powerful deep sleep hypnosis because you'll be using your own inner voice to put yourself to sleep. 

The voice that we trust fully, without any filter, is our OWN voice. We have listened to this inner voice throughout our lives, and now we will use it for our deep sleep hypnosis purposes. We’ve believed our own voices utterly and completely, it doesn't matter whether it’s telling us truths (eg. I am powerful, I am worthy), or lies (I am guilty, I am lacking). We believe it without question. 

Today, let's use the fact that we listen fully to ourselves, to lull us into a deep sleep that comes from deep physical relaxation and a still mind.

We will ‘instruct’ each part of our body to relax, starting from the tip of our toes to the top of our head. This body scan method is very effective at making us aware of each specific body part, and so we can more effectively instruct it to relax. 

This video is also a guided sleep meditation because while you're doing your own sleep talk down, you mind is completely relaxed and open, free of chatter and in complete state of allowing. This is the goal of meditation, and this could be achieved in this self hypnosis session. 

Listen and let these relaxing sleep hypnosis wash over you, and repeat them as your own. When you wake up, your body is rejuvenated from this body mind restoration hypnosis. This hypnosis is also perfect as a heal while you sleep hypnosis session, to improve sleep quality and as a guided sleep meditation for insomnia.

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Wow, this is the most useful Youtube channel ever. Thank you so much for creating this. I wish God blesses you with everything that is pure, happy and everlasting blissfulness.

— Dr. Sethu

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So powerful!

— Phoebe Cole

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Absolutely beautiful! Love the process and how it looked like in the end ! Thanks for the share. Keep it up! Hope to see yah on my side too!

— Shelly

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Thanks for your words. Really helpful to start the day.

They Helped me to see clear again. Hope you reach many people with it.

— Leo Gantzhorn

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Thank you so much you are great. Please make more videos your videos help me so!

— Mohd Taimur

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This is beautiful, incredible. Thank you so much!

— Rachel