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Download free resources for your appreciation and gratitude journaling routine ⋆

TODAY I will know extraordinary people. - High vibration words, affirmations and gratitude, Pint Glass, 16oz

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Today I will know extraordinary people. 

Today I will have an encounter of the unusual. 

Today I will know wealth in a way of which I have never known. 

Today I see beauty in everything I see. 

Today I see others through the eyes of God. 

Today I take time and enjoy my life on earth with clear awareness. 

Today I feel so blessed to be alive. 

Today I honour others and allow them to be who they are. 

Today I speak my truth with unshakable knowing. 

Today I cherish and love myself. 

Today I understand in perfect clarity the lessons that are for me. 

Today I live my life from my sacred inner space. 

Today I allow my limiting beliefs to dissolve. 

Today I give thanks for the magnificence of this eternal life. 

So be it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Beautiful high vibrational words are printed on the glass tumbler, helping you embody the essence and frequency of the words. Leave overnight or a few hours before drinking. 

These long and transparent glasses are highly versatile, can make for a great housewarming gift, and are bound to be used in any household.

.: One size: 16oz (0.473 l)

.: Material: clear glass

.: BPA free

.: Hand wash only

.: Durable construction

.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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Wow, this is the most useful Youtube channel ever. Thank you so much for creating this. I wish God blesses you with everything that is pure, happy and everlasting blissfulness.

— Dr. Sethu

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So powerful!

— Phoebe Cole

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Absolutely beautiful! Love the process and how it looked like in the end ! Thanks for the share. Keep it up! Hope to see yah on my side too!

— Shelly

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Thanks for your words. Really helpful to start the day.

They Helped me to see clear again. Hope you reach many people with it.

— Leo Gantzhorn

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Thank you so much you are great. Please make more videos your videos help me so!

— Mohd Taimur

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This is beautiful, incredible. Thank you so much!

— Rachel