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100 Appreciations Under 10 Minutes

  1. Thank you for the computer
  2. Thank you for the bed
  3. The blanket
  4. For the shops
  5. For the air I breathe
  6. For comfy home 
  7. For beautiful music
  8. For mosquito net
  9. I like the music I listen to
  10. It's good to have source flowing through me
  11. I like our bathroom
  12. The new toilet seat is nice
  13. I like having a clean kitchen
  14. I like having a neat house
  15. Its nice that kids are starting to help more
  16. I love cooking for them
  17. I love that they're helping
  18. I love my rings, they’re so pretty when i see them
  19. I like the fan, slow enough. 
  20. Thanks for the birds
  21. Thanks for the worms
  22. Thanks for youtube
  23. Thanks for so many choices in life
  24. Thanks for my child’s amazing interest in life
  25. I like that she has her own guidance
  26. Thanks for trash getting picked up
  27. Thanks for two trash cans
  28. Thanks for water
  29. Thanks for spices
  30. Thanks for food in the fridge
  31. Thanks for freezer that’s really cold
  32. Thanks for ants cleaning up my stuff
  33.  Thanks for roomba
  34.  Thanks water being piped to the house
  35. Thanks for shoe rack
  36. Thanks for shoes
  37. Thanks for choices
  38. Thanks for being able to scratch my itch
  39. Thanks for healthy body
  40. Thanks for functioning limbs
  41. Thanks for choosing my focus
  42. Thanks for the sofa
  43. Thanks for the carpet
  44.  I love the softness
  45. It’s so cushy and lovely
  46. Thanks for delicious water, clean and tasteless
  47. Thanks for fruits
  48. Thanks for the big guavas
  49. Thanks for quiet morning
  50. Thanks for time
  51. Thanks for opportunity to sit
  52. Thanks for planes
  53. Thanks for airports
  54. Thanks for plane ticket
  55. Thanks for interesting and new things to see
  56. Thanks for airline safety
  57. Thanks for technology
  58. Thanks for jets
  59.  Thanks for private jet
  60. Thanks for commercial jets
  61. Thanks for comfort
  62. Thanks for flight attendants
  63. Thanks for window seat
  64. Thanks for lovely travel companions
  65. Thanks for meals at planes
  66. Thanks big smooth runway
  67. Thanks for pilot
  68. Thanks for copilot
  69. Thanks for ground staff
  70. Thanks for tower of observation
  71. Thanks for clear skies
  72. Thanks for safe flight
  73. Thanks for amazingly good weather
  74. Thank you for amazingly delicious food
  75. Thank you that I can taste
  76. Thank you that I get to taste wonderful food
  77. Thank you for different cultures of the world
  78. Thank you for amazing and many different varieties of food in this planet
  79. Thank you for other planets
  80. Thank you for the sun
  81. Thanks you for atmosphere
  82. Thank you for ozones
  83. Thank you for the universe
  84. Thank you for the zero gravity out there
  85. Thank you for the rain
  86. Thanks for the clouds
  87. Thanks for the beauty of the galaxies
  88. Thank you for consciousness that is ever pervasive
  89. Thank you for the infinity of life
  90. Thank you for consciousness that is infinite
  91. Thank you for the beauty of it all
  92. Thank you for the experiences
  93. Thank you for lessons and new discovery everyday
  94. What a beautiful planet this is
  95. Thank you for so many places to visit on this planet
  96. Thank you for undiscovered places on earth
  97. It is so good to visit them all
  98. Thank you for different places on earth
  99. Thank you for different way to do things, it makes things interesting
  100.  Thank you for