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Everywhere, everytime

God is everywhere

God is in everything

The separation is our own doing, by believing that we are separate from God.

The fact is, there is no time that I’m not with God.

There is no place where God isn’t present and isn’t with me.

For I am made of God particles itself. I will never be and can never be separated from God, from Source that is emanating me. 

When I go to meditate, when I feel that I'm away and I’ like to be nearer, I sit down to meditate and ‘go’ to where God is.

I ‘go’ within to find God.

It’s ironic that even this is actually a practice of separation. 

To think that when I am not in a state of meditation that God isn’t with me?

To believe that when I am out and about in the world, when I have come out from meditation, that God isn't with me?

Thank you that i am made to realize this. 

Thank God for intellectual faculties. 

I intend to realize God and feel God and know God, from wherever I am. Whatever I do. Whichever time I'm in. 

Meditation is no longer required. Only realizations.

When I walk the steps to go somewhere, God is with me

When I open my eyes in the morning, God is with me.

When I eat and sit with my family, God is with me. 

When I'm out and about in the world, God is with me. 

When I'm in confusion and frustration, God is there.

When I'm excited about something, God is there.

When I'm deep in learning and researching something, God is there.

When I'm sad and feeling hopeless, God is there. 

Thank you that you are there. 

Thank you that you are never gone.

That you that you are in me

Thank you that I'm made of you

Thank you that you’re living through me.

Thank you that I'm an extension of you. 

Thank you that I'm being moved by you.

Thank you that I'm always you. 

I can go into meditation, and find you in me. Or not.

Because I can as easily be you when I look at the flower. When I look at the birds. When I feel the morning breeze on my cheek. When I hear the crows talking. When I look at my children. When I look at my husband. When I'm sitting alone feeling space around me. When I'm excited about the holiday events. 

There is no place where you are not. There is no place I'm not with you. When I'm awake or when I'm asleep. When I'm aware or when I'm unaware. You don’t move away. You are always there. Eternal presence. And I'm there with you too.