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God is everywhere, God is everything

God is everywhere

God is everything

In the vileness of the world, God is there

God is in the flower and the beauty

God is in the conflict,

God is in the war

In everything that is, God is there

consciousness, being, is-ness

Being all, embracing all, experiencing all

the supreme consciousness that encompasses all

God is in the bird song

God is in the flight of the birds

God is the wind

God is the leaf

God is the bed

God is the sheet

God is the floor that I’m sitting on

God is surrounding me

God is everywhere

I am never alone

God surrounds me

I am always loved

God never leaves me

There’s an inner part of me, where God dwells

I visit this temple of peace and stillness

and God is there

so many ways to experience God, 

I look up and God is there

I look down and God is also there

I look straight ahead, and God is still there

What a glorious life is in body experience

the wind blowing in my face

the crow croaking as always

in the in-breath of the earth, God is present

in the out-breath of Gaia God is still present

The forever existence that will always be

in the chirping of birds

in the crickets constant hums

Tn the creation

in the thought, God is present in the beginning

God is there during the process of becoming

and God is there when it is birthed

God is there during the existence of its creation

and God is there when the existence fades away

Always there

always near

always is

all ways

all path

the encompassing All.