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Infuriating puzzle pieces. Thank you.

The goal of life on earth is spiritual enlightenment. 

It has to be, because we had put ourselves in this world, we had planned our doings and scenarios in this world, from the perfect state that we are, from the full glory that we are. And in this incarnation, we are robbed and stripped of our discerning faculties that make us magnificent. 

A.k.a the knowledge that we are God. 

Therefore, this whole puzzle of a journey is the game of finding our true selves, of rediscovering our true selves. Of remembering who we really are. 

So in our timeline as a human, it’s filled with puzzles. As if by putting together the puzzle pieces, we will then get the big picture, the big picture that we Are, that we are the Supreme Divine, unlimited in our nature. 

Many times in life, we could not progress further in one area of our life. We may be able to figure out the puzzle pieces for the corner of financial abundance, of friendship and community, but then in the puzzle corner of love and marriage, we couldn't seem to find the correct pieces that fit into the board. 

Again and again as we pick up each puzzle piece and try to fit it in, we fail. The lessons and learnings are embedded in the whole game. Until we find the puzzle piece, until we learn to dissect this puzzle boards and its surrounding pieces, until we find that correct piece, we will try to piece it down, again and again, again, failing and failing and falling, until one moment, we’d find the correct one to put put in place. Ah, now the marriage and love corner is getting clearer. But was that piece put down by luck, or by knowing? 

I suppose that’s where the difference lies. 

In our other corner, we were able to piece them together just right because somehow we knew the pattern, so it was easy to find the accompanying pieces. But in this love corner, maybe it was just a picture of a plain blue sky with no visible markings, so each piece had to be tried on before we knew it would fit. Each person in our life is a co-facilitator of this painful learning. Each of them is an actor on the stage, playing their part as agreed, to help us “get it”. 

Sometimes we get fed up with failing. Of not finding the puzzle piece. Life has become so hard and it’s not fun and it’s painful. Why can’t I figure out this corner? Why is this corner so difficult to do? 

I guess this is where Abraham's advice could come into place. 

Take it easy.

Be easy on yourself.

Remember what this is, it is a game. 

A game. Fun. Enjoyment. Discovery. Challenge. Excitement. Expansions. FUN!

Approach it from fun and joy. 

But how are we to know that? We don’t have the whole big picture, we are stuck in the corner. 

Well now you know. That this is a game. 

This challenging corner was planned by you. Some people have one challenging corner that they seem to try to figure out lifetimes after lifetimes. Some people have MANY challenging corners. What brave souls they are to have designed it that way. These are people who seem to be born on earth with everything stacked against them. That was no accident. That was planned. For what? For the enjoyment of the game! To uplevel the player. 

It’s kind of cruel, this whole setup, from a human point of view. What are we, puppets of our higher self? Of course our highest self would have NO idea how it would actually feel to be down here on earth. For how could I? Sitting there in my throne of Allness where I have the full big picture of everything, and then to design something so complicated for me to go through, with so little knowledge of myself, and limitations upon limitations stacked in my belief. What a challenging level this is. 

Highest self, you over planned. You think I could do it, that I could figure this out, but you don’t actually know how hard it is to function in this world in this limited form. You did wrong… you shouldn't have designed something like this and made me go through it. 

I can only surmise that you planned this for a reason. That there is a lesson that you’d like us to learn, something that can only be done down here and not up there. An expansion that can only be created from down here, and not there. Still, it’s frickin 'difficult, you know. 

So therefore, because it’s so difficult and challenging, and seems like an unending maze and crazy meaningless repetition of the same pattern, I call out that I need better tools to go through this. I need more knowledge. You need to come and HELP me go through this. If you don’t, this life is going to be another repeat of the same thing. Although I know in eternity there is no judgement to this, because why, of course, there’s all the time in the world(!), why not do something different now, eh? 

I’m ready to move forward from this puzzle corner and I am calling for help now. I am calling for support. Support such that I have never seen and received in my life. I want crystal clear clarity of guidance. I want a direct line of communication with you. I want clarity on my next steps on earth. And most of all, I want JOY in doing it all. I want to enjoy this life just like how you’re enjoying it now! I no longer want to be kept in the dark and receive my understanding only when I cross over. Duh, of course I will understand then, but I want the understanding and the embodiment of my divine self NOW. Now, so that I can better navigate through this life, with some semblance of joy that I know IS me. 

You can’t have all the FUN there! I want my share of fun now as well. Talk to me, guide me, help me navigate these puzzle pieces that by this time are so infuriating to me. I want joy. I want IN on the joy. Not later, not later when I die, and complete with the understanding of Allness. I want it now. Now. now. Now. Now!  While I’m still living and breathing on earth. 

Thank you. 

I know you are answering me. 

I am clear about what I want now. 

Hear me and comply. 

Thank you. 

Thank you for always being with me. 

Thank you for this life. I am doing my best, and you know that. 

I want more help and assistance and guidance, much more of them, going forward. 

Thank you my dearest friends. Thank you my dearest love.

There are no mistakes in what I want. I want clarity, and I want it now. 

Thank you. 

Thank you that this level is so difficult that it made me realise that I could never do it without You. I was never meant to do it myself, because that would’ve been impossible. It was designed that way. I had designed it so that it would be impossible to master this scenario without divine help. 

Well now I know. I am asking for help. Come and give it to me. The time has come when I understand this. Thank you for this. 

I’m ready for them now.

For clarity. 


Courage and confidence. 

Abundance and security. 

Love, joy and fun, all the way through till the end. 

Thank you. 

Thank you for this amazing life.

Thank you for this incarnation.

It’s going to be FUN! 

This is a great game. I love it…

Thank you!

The goal of life on earth is spiritual enlightenment. The game is, can you do it in this lifetime?