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It's the journey - yes, it's a cliche, but it's true

You are a spiritual being.

A spiritual being who has planned this earth life.

Everything that you came across, was already planned, by you, and your guides.

You planned challenging situations, hardships, traumas, as well as happiness, revelations and learnings.

It's all planned, by you.

It's all planned so that you get to experience life in a human body, and whatever new learnings you acquire from all these experiences, they expand you, they expand the universe.

Therefore, it's all in the journey.

Trying to short cut the journey would be cheating yourself of the design that you wanted to experience and learn and expand from.

Focusing only on the end goal and forgetting the journey, is to cheat yourself of all the moment-to-moment experience that you truly wished to experience.

Wherever you are right now, even in despair, in hopelessness, in pain, in fear,... trust that it is all part of the big process that you have designed. That whatever you're experiencing right now, is a piece of the puzzle that you NEEDED in order to complete the big picture, the big whole wonderful experience.

There is no judgment in where you are.

God doesn't judge.

The angels and spirit guides do not judge.

They look on us in love. Always.

So let us us look at ourselves in love, as well.

Wherever we are, it is the right place, for right now.

Accept it. Understand it. Learn from it. And see what is next unfolding for you.

What is the next thing the higher you have planned?

Ask within, and an answer will be given.

Ask you higher self, and your higher self will answer.

Ask God, and God will answer.

We are loved. Wherever we are on the journey.

Wherever we are on our life path right now.

In the whole scheme of eternal life, nothing can be wrong. Everything is all right.

Thank you for this.

Thank you for life eternal.

Thank you for the guidance.

Thank you for the love.

Thank you for the knowing.

Thank you.