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Knowing - beyond doubt

The most beautiful thing to experience is to desire something, to ask for it, and know that it will be given to you. This knowingness, this faith, this belief, this certainty, is probably one of the highest vibrations out there. It's the knowing beyond any doubt, that God hears, that the universe hears and complies and answers.

In truth, every moment can be like this. But sometimes we have to get stuck so many times before this knowing becomes ours. Sometimes it takes a lot of doubt, a lot of failures in manifesting, a lot of confusion. But then we come to a place where everything just falls into place, and the knowledge of these mere words that every sage has repeated, finally becomes a real understanding in our experience.

God is closer that our breath

God is within us

God is us.

God will take care of us. 

When this is understood, when this is embodied, there is no confusion.There is no doubt.

Clarity reigns supreme, and everything just is. Everything just works.

Thank you God, universe, source.

For the ever-flowing energy and love that is.

For all time, for always.