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Now what? ~ Trusting the universe when things don’t happen as planned

I was looking forward to the hotel stay that we’ve booked, when it was cancelled from their side. I had high hopes for this hotel location, and on paper it seemed to be perfect for our family’s needs. I was disappointed and sad.

Fortunately I remembered to ask the universe, “Now what?”.

Not too long ago I would have made this disappointment the focus of my attention, revisiting what we could have done differently, lamenting the fact that we lost such a perfect place for our family, or blaming people connected to this event.

But this time I actually remembered that the universe got my back. And instead thinking that this is a loss, I was curious and excited as to what the universe would give me in return. I found a replacement hotel shortly, in a different city entirely. And what we got was definitely much better than what I thought we lost! We were introduced to lovely experiences because of this change, ones that I would always remember.

So, now when something doesn’t happen according to my plan, I will remember to remind myself to ask, now what? What will the universe show me, where will the universe lead me, what will the universe give me in return?

I’m happy to find peace in this knowing.