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The Power Of Choosing!

More than before, now I've realized that I absolutely choose the direction of my feelings, and therefore the way I experience my life. The whole world may seem out of alignment, but it is always up to me how I respond and react to it, and what to make of it. And it's so funny how reading this last sentence, that it is so generic and cliche, and it's something I thought I've known all my life. Now however, it definitely takes on a deeper and different meaning.

The realization of how my feelings affect my life absolutely, and how I'm in full control of my feelings, is so liberating and exciting. First of all because, self-soothing, or making myself feel better, is obviously a learnable skill! Second of all, I know that when I'm happy and joyful, I'm connected with Source, and THAT is the end of the story!

I'm so grateful to be getting better and better at it now, and the sense of freedom that I've gained from this is immense. It's literally like I now know that the pot of gold is right by my feet, and now all I need to do is to learn how to reach for it better and better, every single day.

Much love and peace and care to you all ♥♥♥