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There is not a problem in God’s world

God in his all-encompassing love and is-ness and totality, does not see anything that is wrong with the world. 

Knowing and looking upon war, God doesn’t see that as a problem. 

Looking upon love, God celebrates and enjoys the feeling of love.

In his all-encompassing love, every single thing is a creation of his love - us. 

Our creation.

It is interesting that what we judge as heinous, pain and injustice and atrocities, God looks upon those same things with love. And this is because the things that we call war and destruction- they were our own creation. We created them. 

The other things, the beautiful and kind and harmonious things that humans experience, they’re also our creation. We created them.

To God, all these creations are similar to little children’s creation, playing in the sand box, creating castles and gardens in one corner, harmony and beauty, and war games on the other, destruction, carnage, and conflicts. 

Is it any wonder that God doesn’t see either of them as something to change? 

In both cases, we expressed our sovereignty and power as God's children, as the ultimate creator of this world. 

And isn’t it amazing?

Just as easily as we created war, we can also create love.

God sees this as the perfect setup.

Whatever we want, we can create.

Do we want war, conflicts, pain and suffering? Then by the power that we are, through clear intentions, focus and visualization coupled with perfectly matching emotions, we created war, conflicts, pain and suffering. Repeat this process again, but this time intending for love and harmony, and without fail we will create these too. 

Just as easily we created war, we can create love.

God doesn’t care whether we create A or B. To him, they are all the same: our creation. And by that virtue, God accepts and loves them all. 

As humans who have forgotten and therefore unable to access our true power, we struggle to make things better. We focus on the created and get dragged down into the misery of it all. We believe ourselves to be powerless, limited, and lost. We didn’t know that since we created it, we could as easily create something else instead.

In each of every moment, we have this freedom and power to create something ELSE. We can undo what we did by virtue of a new creation. We can un-create what we created.

Have you created an inharmonious marriage and family life? Have you created lack and limitation? Have you created abuse and violence? Have you created repeating pattern of pain? 

Then celebrate your power of creation. See what you have made. Accept your power and your capabilities and your hand in it. And IF your creation no longer pleases you and you want something different, then you can absolutely create that next!

Take notice of how you created this inharmony. For it was done through selective thoughts, selective emotions, practiced with such a focus and intensity, with such unceasing consistency, with such devotion and obsession to this state,  with vibration that matches the feeling emotion of inharmony, of pain, of confusion, that your thoughts materialized and manifested in your life. It has to be, there is no surprise here, for this is law. 

This is your true power and true self. You are a powerful creator.

You have created this particular situation. Great! It shows that your powers are still intact, still working as they should, even if you’ve forgotten the workings of it. The beauty is, you still have unlimited power to create OTHER and DIFFERENT situations, if you so choose. 

Will you choose differently?

Will you remember the power that you hold? The power that you inherently are?

Or will you absolve your power? Thinking that you had no part in this creation.

Thinking that your thoughts (the highest power that you have) don’t matter.

That others are able to create this upon you, and you yourself are powerless?

Wake up dear one. You are one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Shown by your incarnation here on earth -  the toughest, most advanced, most challenging, most exhilarating platform of lessons, and simply, the greatest game of the universe. 

Wake up to your power. Remember who you are. Remember your beginnings. Realize and commune with your true self. And create. Create like how you, in your wildest imaginings, in your most ambitious and beautiful and glorious being, have planned to create before you came here. Planned and hoped and desired with your whole being.

Magnificent creations. Beautiful creations. Unbelievable things. What oh what did you plan to create? Amazing treasures upon the earth? New inventions for humankind? Techniques to wake your fellow humans up? Things unthought of, unheard of, and unimaginable?

This is the field that we’ve set. This is the game that, before we came to earth, we all so wanted to play with an excitement and desire and joy that can never be understated. This beautiful, grand, difficult, challenging maze of life, is the platform for our wondrous creations.

What oh what will we create? 

Thank you for this amazing game of life

Thank you for this experience on earth

Thank you for this chance to play

Thank you that I am a part of is All

Love to you all, my fellow soul mates. 

May we all wake up and step into the clear knowingness of who we are, and the power that we hold to create upon this earth. 

Happy new year 2024