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To Be Happy

It all starts with a decision

Not based on what’s on the outside

Not when everything outside is lining up

But from within

No matter what the outside looks like

I have decided to be happy

I have decided that that’s what I’m gonna be

I don’t know how to get there

What steps to take

How things are going to fall into place

I don’t know any of that

But I’m gonna be happy

And I know I am going to be happy

I can feel it now

As soon as I decided

Something turned

Something started in the universe

I hereby declare

I hereby command

I am going to be happy

And I will live my life in joy

Hm, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult at all

In fact I already am feeling happier than before

Just by deciding

Thank you that life is so amazingly complicatedly wonderful

Thank you that I am sovereign

Thank you that I can create

Thank you that I can start the wheels of the universe

Thank you that I have this power

Thank you that I’m reacquainting myself to my inner self

Thank you that there’s nothing to fear

Thank you that this is all made for me

Thank you that this is all made for me to learn from

Thank you for everyone’s part in my play

Thank you for everyone who’s participating perfectly in my game

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you